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Synchronicity is a concept first introduced by the psychologist Carl Jung.

As he stated:

“Synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence of two or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved.” — Carl Jung.

He explained that synchronicities are experienced in: dreams, symbols, numbers, “random “ events, conversations, and spontaneous encounters.

Synchronicities are hidden opportunities.

For example, let’s say when you meet an old friend in the street, and you just happened to be thinking about them, you should go and maybe say hello to them. You don’t know where that encounter will take you. …

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Have you fallen into the trap of feeling superior to your friends just because you were reading and binging on self-development books?

You might find yourself judging other people who are not as “self-aware “as you are. I was guilty of this too.

You start to create this false image that you are better than all the ordinary people around you. When reality, you are not. Everyone is figuring out how to live. And besides, who are you to judge a person on how they are living their life?

The point is, don’t become the narcissist that is watching everyone…

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Imagine yourself being able to eat healthy foods and losing the weight that you want without stress. Imagine yourself eating that cake without any guilt or shame. Sounds like a dream, right? Yes, for me, it felt like a dream too.

Some people start to worry about food when they are very young, others like me, later in life. From time to time, you get a bit concern about your body and how it looks. The thought passes through your mind, and that its. For others, well, those thoughts stay forever and forever in their mind, and it consumes them.

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Working for a full year with Facebook Ads to help small and medium businesses grow, I realized how little they knew about the different audiences they could use to take their business to the next level. Let’s start with the two most essential audiences almost no one knows about, and you should be using right now.

Yes, I am talking about Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences.

And you might be asking yourself? What the hell are these?

Well, this, my friend, is the number one superpower of Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Custom audiences are all the people that already saw…

Reality check for everyone trying online dating

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You know, when you sit with your friends, and everyone has some random stories about online dating? For some, it goes well; for others, it doesn’t. Your friends hysterically tell you they want to give up, or they meet friendly people, hook up, and that’s it.

The thing is, is that it seems, it comes like a manual with invisible rules. Don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t text them the moment after sleeping with them, etc. All of this can be a bit overwhelming. Online dating is like a pool where you find different types of swimmers. Swimmers who…

Don't take it too seriously.

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On letting ourselves be surprised

Some months ago, I experienced the blissfulness of a spontaneous night with one of my dearest friends. The plan was to meet for a quiet dinner, but instead, we succumbed to the frightened, rebellious quarantine nights and found ourselves dragged to a clandestine party.

The party-building looked everything but suspicious. A beautiful pale, tall guy opened the door dressed entirely in black; he gave us a “membership card” for future visits. On the surface, the place looked pretty ordinary, as if nothing was going on inside there. …

The psychology of believing

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It’s hard to believe we can change our life; if it were that easy, people would have done it already. In a world in which one major component called “faith” has disappeared from the souls of many, and skepticism has governed our psyche, we have left behind the first essential ingredient we need to flavor our lives with, and that’s believing without seeing. Improving any aspect of your life requires you to believe you can do it. If you don’t, you will still live in a perpetual cycle of self-sabotage, victimization, and endless suffering.

And how can we convince ourselves…

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One day I spent roughly around 4 hours ruminating in my room, wondering what people would think if I created a youtube channel or wrote a book. I also spent fair amounts of time speculating about what people think if I didn’t achieve specific goals. Time passed, and it was already 4 hours gone thinking and doing nothing.

On top of that, I felt I was failing for procrastinating, but that didn’t stop me from navigating Instagram as a spy and stalk people I didn’t even know in person.

Then Friday came, and I had a party, but I thought…

You can use the phrases to your benefit as well

My Dad Taught Me Some Powerful Phrases to Navigate Life With Easiness
My Dad Taught Me Some Powerful Phrases to Navigate Life With Easiness
Photo by Eddie Kopp on Unsplash

I remember growing up; my dad would always say the same phrases every time I complained about something. In secret, I thought it was just cliche phrases that didn’t mean anything. Clearly, at that time, I didn’t face the long row of different challenging situations we go through in our adulthood.

Now they all make sense, and they can help us navigate our lives in better ways.

“Patience is the magic word.”

Whenever I got irritated for not having or achieving specific goals in the time frames I put myself, he used to say this phrase.

Now, how many times do we go through life…

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Carolina Herrera is one of the most recognized Hispanic designers worldwide; she has dressed multiple famous figures from Michelle Obama to Lady Gaga.

I find Carolina Herrera, an astonishing woman; she holds a mysterious aura. She also transmits feeling self-sufficient for the world and herself; she’s the kind of woman who doubts but has the bravery to pursue her dreams anyway, the type of woman who can sit in silence and not feel threatened by it.

I watched an interview her daughter made with her, and I found her life perspective very wise.

“How can you get bored with so…

Gaby Spadaro

I like to go deep into my thoughts and reflect on this giant puzzle we call life and write about it. ·Digital marketer ·Writer· Truth seeker·

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